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At United Fiber, we offer high-quality internet service plans for an affordable price. If you need reliable internet plans for your home in Country Club, MO, contact our team.

Options to Fit Your Needs

United Fiber is proud to offer a variety of internet service plans designed to fit the unique needs and budgets of our clients’ households. With our varying speeds and price points, you don’t have to pay for better service than you need.


If you have only a few people living in your home, our basic plan with upload and download speeds of 200 Mbps might be perfect for you. Accommodating up to three devices at once, it’s a great option for singles, roommates, or small families.


Our Home plan is perfect for families because it can support four to six devices at once. Whether you’re a single individual with a lot of smart devices or a family with multiple people who need to use the internet daily, you need to be able to rely on your internet to be effective on multiple devices. Enjoy speeds of 500 Mbps with our plan designed for families.


If you work from home, stream often, or enjoy online gaming, you might need higher internet speeds. Our Pro plan offers speeds of up to 1,0000 Mbps, and its support for unlimited devices makes it great for smart homes and large families, as well.

Whatever your internet needs, we have a plan for you. Contact us to learn more.

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