Engineers decide the most efficient way to bring fiber optics to the greatest amount of people in your area.

City Approval

Contractors, city officials, and United Fiber collaborate on the fiber path design and submit to the city for approval. Once the fiber path is approved, United Fiber partners with local contractors to begin the construction process.


During the Construction process, all existing utilities are required to mark their underground facilities to prevent damage. Contractors and utility employees arrive in your neighborhood to mark the locations of existing lines in preparation for local construction.

Fiber Optic Route

Fiber optic cable is buried along the approved route. Fiber optic splicing is completed and the new plant is tested. As soon as testing is verified, installs can begin.

Engineering/Drop Install

After the release date, customers will be contacted for an engineering appointment. The engineering appointment/drop install consists of connecting the mainline fiber from the road to a small box placed on the outside of your home. The time from the engineering appointment to the home install is typically 8-10 days.

Home Install

Our local technicians will arrive on the date of your install and place a fiber line from the box on the outside of your home to our United Wifi Blast router inside your home.

Service Test

We test your services, help you set up our FREE United WiFi Blast app, and ensure you’re ready to fully enjoy United Fiber’s Fiber Fast internet.