• Unlimited Residential & Long Distance
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Caller Id Name & Number
  • Voicemail
  • Call Block
  • Call Return, Forward & Waiting


  • V-Fax

    $7.95 / Month
  • Distinct Ring

    $3 / Month
  • Unlisted Number

    $5.50 / Month
  • Backup Battery

    $149 / One-Time Fee

    Without a backup battery or alternate battery source such as a generator, customers will not be able to make calls, including emergency calls to 911. The only way to maintain the ability to use your phone is by using some form of the backup battery.

    United Fiber’s backup battery does not provide power to any services other than voice. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices, and other equipment will not run on a home phone backup battery. United Fiber’s backup battery will last for up to 24 hours.