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St. Joseph, MO Experience The United Difference

Lightning-fast and dependable internet service, backed by exceptional local customer support. We pride ourselves on transparency—no gimmicks, no surprises. With United, your bill price remains consistent, month after month. Plus, say goodbye to long-term contracts, installation fees, and hidden Wi-Fi charges. Our cutting-edge technology and our excellent service speaks for itself. St. Joseph, MO join United Fiber for a better internet experience!


We are truly local! When you speak to our customer service team, you are speaking to your neighbor. You’ll see us at your local community events and sponsoring your local teams.



With Wi-Fi 6 compatibility under our belt, we're already envisioning what lies beyond, sparing you the need to worry. We understand that life moves fast and your internet needs to move faster. 




Renowned experts emphasize the phrase 'Consistency is Key,' a philosophy we hold dear in every facet of our organization. United Fiber is built on the belief that you deserve unwavering reliability in your internet service, steadfast consistency in your billing, and a consistently exceptional level of customer service.

  • 1 Gig for Upload & Download
  • Includes our United Wifi Blast Router
  • Recommended for using multiple devices at once, gaming & streaming
  • No Data Caps
  • 500 Mbps for Upload & Download
  • Recommended for using 4 to 6 devices at once
  • No Data Caps
  • 200 Mbps for Upload & Download
  • Recommended for light web browsers
  • No Data Caps

United WiFi Blast Router

Connect 250+ devices with our United WiFi Blast router, powered by Wi-Fi 6 certified technology. This next generation router provides stronger edge-to-edge coverage with seamless continuity of signal and speed throughout your home. $4.95 per month or included in our PRO Package.

United Fiber WiFi App

The United Fiber WiFi app feature works quietly in the background of your United WiFi Blast Router to provide an extra layer of protection against malicious traffic. This app can help you create a secure guest network, implement content controls, and can seamlessly connect your home and smart devices.

Experience IQ

Add ExperienceIQ for just $3 per month for enhanced network control through your United Fiber WiFi App. This feature allows you to enforce internet rules, set up specific user profiles, match them with devices, program screen time limits, and filter content with just a few taps.