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Which Plan is Right For You?

Basic 200 Mbps


This package allows you to use 2 to 3 devices at once.* It’s great for an individual who is only wanting to do light internet surfing.

Pro 1 Gig


Do you do a lot of work from home? Have a gamer in the family? How about a movie lover who is constantly on Netflix? Don’t let your internet speeds hold you back! This package allows you to use UNLIMITED devices at once*, allowing everyone at home to stream with extreme speed! With this package, we will provide you with our United WiFi Blast wireless router that we will manage for you!

Home 500 Mbps


OUR BEST SELLER! Allows you to use 4 to 6 devices at once* with high-quality speed. This package is ideal for families.

*Number of Devices At Once is a recommendation only. Performance may vary based on data traffic and router capability. For Full Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy, click here!


What are MegaBits?

Broadband speeds are measured in Mbps (Megabits Per Second). We offer speeds starting at 200 Mbps all the way up to 1,000 Mbps. Some things take very few Mbps, such as sending emails without attachments or light internet browsing. While watching videos, gaming, or video chatting will require a larger amount of Mbps to keep up the quality you’re looking for. To sum it all up, more Mbps means doing more of what you love online, FASTER!

How can my WiFi Router affect my speeds?

You can’t forget about the powerhouse of your internet, the router. Having an up-to-date router is vital when it comes to your internet speeds. When filling out your application, choose our United WiFi Blast  that we keep up to date and manage to ensure that you are receiving faster speeds.

How much is the Installation Fee?

A standard Fiber install is free with a 12 month committment! 

How can the number of devices affect speed?

You may have more devices in your home than you think! In today’s society, our homes are filled with devices that connect to our internet. These devices can be anything from your smartphone, laptop, security cameras, Amazon Alexa, or a smart thermostat. Having multiple devices that use the internet will require you to need a higher amount of Mbps to receive fast internet. Consider how many devices you have in your home when picking out your Internet Plan!

What is United Fiber's United WiFi Blast?

United WiFi Blast is a WiFi wireless Router that we manage to ensure you are receiving the fastest speeds possible. This comes with the Pro Package at no additional charge. Or you can add it to the Basic or Home Package for an additional $4.95 a month! For more information, click here!

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