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  • Channels Added

KCWE Movies   –   30   (KC DMA Only)

KMBC MeTV   –   32   (All DMAs)

  • Date Of Change

February 16, 2018

SPIKE TV Name Change

Questions & Answers

  • Change Coming

SPIKE TV channel is having a name change to Paramount Network

Channels numbers 110/1110 HD  will remain the same

  • Date Of Change

January 18, 2018

CBS Channel Negotiation

Questions & Answers

  • Change Coming

It’s never an easy decision when we are forced to make decisions on programming drops, but in this circumstance, we feel we have no choice. We have dual carried two CBS channels all year after the St. Joseph CBS affiliate was added as a must carry. We did this in the hope we could negotiate a fair rate and keep both in the lineup for the St. Joseph viewing area, unfortunately this is not the case.

  • Date Of Change

January 1st, 2018 will be the day we cease serving KCTV to the St. Joseph viewing area. We do apologize and will continue to negotiate fair rates, ultimately trying to keep prices as low as possible for our television products. KCTV will continue to be part of our lineup for people classified as the Kansas City viewing area.

  • Why did we take KCTV off of our programming?

With the amount of the increase in the cost of the programming, it could have raised each subscriber bill an average of $7 a month, this is on top of normal year on year increase from other programmers. We are also mandated to carry the St. Joseph CBS affiliate in the St Joseph designated viewing territory.

  • Will it have the same programming as KCTV?

KBJO will have majority the same programming but the news will be local St. Joseph news.

  • What counties does this affect?

Buchanan, Andrew, Dekalb

  • How can they get KCTV news?

United Fiber does have digital high gain antennas that can be picked up at our Maryville or Savannah location free of charge. We can’t guarantee it will give customers all of the locals they want, but with the antenna it increases their chances of getting the Kansas City local news