Internet FAQs


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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:


How do I change my package or get other support?

Fill out a contact form here, or contact our support office at 800-585-6454.

Can you download additional applications on your wireless receivers?

Yes, by signing in with your Google account, you can browse through a list of available applications. Please note, only Android-supported applications will be available. 

I forgot my password, how do I find it?

Passwords can be retrieved by calling our office at 800-585-6454.

What should I check first if my wifi is not working?

The first thing to do is locate the main equipment installed in your home. This is a black box, typically, with green blinking lights. If you do not see a light next to service and broadband, we recommend unplugging the equipment from power and leaving it to sit for approximately 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you can plug the equipment back in. If you still do not see a light next to service and broadband you should then call our office at 800-585-6454.

What packages do you offer for internet?

We offer 3 packages: Basic ($49.95), Home ($69.95) and Pro ($99.95). These range in speed from 200 Mbps to 1 Gig.

What are MegaBits?

Broadband speeds are measured in Mbps (Megabits Per Second). Different devices will require different levels of Mbps. If you stream from multiple devices, you are using many more mbps, therefore, we would recommend upgrading to a package such as Home or Pro.

Why do I need a router?

A router is what gives you wifi access. You can purchase your own or access ours for an additional $4.95 per month. For additional questions regarding routers please give us a call at 800-585-6454.

How much is the Installation Fee?

With a 1 year contract, there is a one time fee of $49. Or you can sign a 2 year contract and receive a FREE installation! 

What are your tech support hours?

We have a local customer service representative in the office Monday- Friday 8:00 am-8:00 pm, and Saturdays from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. We also have offsite technical support 24 hours a day.

What is United WiFi Blast?

Our United WiFi Blast is a whole-home, wifi 6 router that we manage to ensure you are receiving the fastest speeds possible. It protects your devices from malware, intrusions, and viruses. It comes with the Pro Package at no additional cost! Learn more Here

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